The Comfort and Convenience of Dental Implants

Whether it’s due to periodontal disease, decay or an injury, tooth loss is a common and serious health issue that can be caused by many factors.

Very often, the primary, or baby tooth, grows in but does not have a successor, or permanent tooth, to develop underneath. The baby tooth then remains past the teenage years and even decades later until it is lost as a result of injury or periodontal disease. With no tooth to grow in and replace it, the lost tooth leaves a gap.

A missing tooth doesn’t just impact the newly exposed gums — it causes the teeth around it to become more loose and unstable, increasing their risk of falling out as well. Tooth loss also affects the jaw bone and can change the shape of the jaw, shifting the bite and position of your remaining teeth. These changes can progress rapidly, so it’s vital to replace a missing tooth as soon as possible in order to prevent bone deterioration and preserve facial structure.

Dental implants are a great solution, as they create a foundation for replacement teeth that look and function just like natural teeth. Unlike dentures, dental implants won’t limit what foods you can eat and don’t require refitting or the use of adhesive retention gels. In comparison to other artificial tooth options, dental implants offer an unparalleled level of comfort and convenience.

As part of the dental implant process, titanium cylinders are implanted into the jawbone where the missing teeth were rooted and special posts are attached to act as anchors for replacement teeth. This allows for the artificial teeth to feel just like natural teeth, making them substantially less uncomfortable than dentures.

The replacement teeth that are attached to the implant posts are custom designed to match to your existing teeth’s color and shape. This makes them blend in seamlessly so that they are undetectable as artificial teeth, giving you a natural-looking, complete smile.

Besides individual artificial teeth, dental implants can also conveniently serve as the base for many other tooth-replacement options, including bridges. So whether you are missing one or several teeth, dental implants are a perfect fit.

Dental Implants in Beverly Hills

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